Poor posture is a common problem all across this country and across the world.

People spend so much time typing that they often develop back injuries far before their time. Doing just a few exercises to improve posture a day might not seem like that much, but it really will make a difference.

Improving your posture means maintaining it one day at a time. You might be surprised by how quickly you will feel the health benefits of having a comfortable, strong back.

One of the best exercises to improve your posture is to do crunches. A lot of the research suggests that our posture is linked to the strength of our core muscles. A strong core leads to a healthy back, and that leads to better overall health as we get older.

Strengthening the stomach muscles is one way to improve your posture.

Of course, you should do some other exercises to improve posture that target the back muscles as well. If you only target your stomach muscles, you’ll have an imbalance in the muscles that support your posture. One of my favorite posture exercises is to use a balance ball and lay forward on it so that it is in the middle of my stomach.

My knees are flat on the floor and my hands extend forward in front of me. I then repeatedly let my self down and pull back up using my back muscles. This has a similar effect to doing crunches, except that it works the back instead of the front.

Another great exercise to improve posture is leg lifts. There are probably dozens of different leg lift exercises, but you should be sure the ones you do balance each other out. I usually use two of them.

In one, I lay on my back and raise my legs in the air repeatedly. In the other, I stand on all fours and kick my legs out behind me one at a time. These exercises are always helpful in relieving back pain and stress.

Finally, there are exercises to improve posture that specifically target the back. One of my favorites is the cat/cow stretch. Basically, you stand on your hands and knees and alternately flex and arch your back.

You do this slowly in harmony with the breath for several minutes. It is amazing how quickly it will provide relief from chronic back pain. It can make you feel better almost instantly sometimes.

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