Looking for the best type of scooter can be demanding particularly if functions such as high quality and toughness are on top of the list. While some scooters are lightweight with stylish designs, they’re reasonably limited to hold not more than 350 lbs. On top of that, some models aren’t durable enough to handle rough roads and bumpy streets which is quite common find for those who go around a lot. Remarkably there’s ActiveCare Prowler which fits well the energetic lifestyle of the physically challenged. It is durable and provides maximum efficiency to those are very mobile despite the disability.

ActiveCare Prowler is available in 3-wheel or 4-wheel design that can handle up to 500 kg. of weight, suited for most large size individuals while other brand names are limited to 350 kg only. This durable scooter has a special 360 degree swivel Captain’s seat excellent for turning around or to almost any direction when doing tasks such as gardening, house cleaning or even working out. The seat has adaptable headrest and depth so one can be seated in comfort the whole day. Front and rear suspension also adds up to the convenience of venturing outdoors. The 12 degree maximum incline allows one to tackle ramps with confidence. Efficiency is also a standard feature of the ActiveCare Prowler Scooter as it has a maximum speed of 7mph and maximum range of 23 miles. Life is safer too with anti-tip wheels that prevents accidental tipping over while getting for an object. The large foot space area is also a bonus as well as the flip-up armrests which are adjustable. Compared to competitor brands, the ActiveCare Prowler has a smaller wheel base despite its large size. This translates to more efficiency in turning the scooter in corners as well as limited space.

The ActiveCare Prowler isn’t your ordinary scooter suited to do simple tasks. Its durability, comfort (through adjustable arm rests and Captain’ seat) and basic safety (front and rear suspensions) greatly complement an active lifestyle. Life outdoors can be enjoyed by prowling with the heavy-duty Active Care.

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