Most bathrooms are designed keeping in mind the standard height and weight of an grown person. Children will have understandable difficulty using toilets meant for adults. think yourself using the bathroom or toilet designed for the giant from Jack and the Beans stalk. This is exactly the situation of the kid when made to use the toilet designed for adults. structure customized bathroom for broods, keeping in mind their age and requirement can prove very fruitful. The first step is to make it as bright as possible. Going for anti slip tiles is a better option for making the bathroom safer for little ones. Using bathroom fixtures which can be handled by tiny fingers must be used. fitting the wash basin or a sink at a low level wherein a kid can reach for washing hands and brushing his/her teeth is also important. Contact Elmont Plumbers for all types of accessories bathroom fittings specific for children’s bathroom. While constructing the bathroom for you child, assure that all plug points are at a considerable height and a safe distance from child’s reach. Regulate and control the temperature of the hot water nozzle to protect the child from getting scaled by the hot water. Take precautions regarding all loose wires or light fixtures. Take professional advice and help from Antioch electricians (Need one? click here!) regarding how to make child’s bathroom safe from any electrical hazard. In most bathroom exhaust fans are used to dispense any bad odor or smell from the bathroom. However, these fans are usually very noisy. Most children are sensitive to sound and mostly any machine making loud, obnoxious sound scares them. A good idea noise free idea to let out foul smell from the bathroom is by installation of a fan roof vent. Our Port Townsend Roofers are expert in installing roof vent; kindly contact them to avail this service. Architecting a bathroom specific to the need of the child, will teach them and make them self dependent. However adult supervision is recommended at all times.

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