There are plenty of different reasons why you may want to make your house accessible for wheelchairs. If you have someone disabled living with you or for elderly people making sure your house is properly accessible is a must. There are already many cars available to disabled people via the motability scheme so why shouldn’t your house also be wheelchair friendly.

The first thing you will want to think about is the doorways in your house and whether or not they will be accessible for wheelchair users. Normally wheelchairs will be able to fit through most doorway but it is worth double checking your measurements just in case.

Any work that you do carry out in order to make your house wheelchair accessible could require a building permit. Take a trip down to your local council and check to see if you will be needing a building permit for your house modifications. A lot of the time you will not need to acquire a permit but there are stricter authorities that you will need to get a permit for when constructing structures like ramps for a disabled car or another form of disabled vehicles.

One of the biggest difficulties for people in wheelchairs are of course the stairs in a house. This is why many wheelchair users opt for ground floor flats and bungalows. Most commonly used in circumstances like these are stair lifts. This is good news for wheelchair users as they are now able to have more freedom when it comes to where the live.

The alternative to a stair lift is to have an elevator installed in your home. The only downside to elevators is the prohibitive cost and massive structural changes that must be made to the building in order to install the elevator.

There are a huge range of devices and fittings to assist disabled people enjoy a better quality of life. Some rooms can present more problems than other like the bathroom for instance. However you will find that there are many fittings like toilets and showers tailored to disabled individuals.

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