Period Cramps Relief

menstrual bloating is one of the most common symptoms that many women receive after or during their menstrual cycle each month. Relief for Menstrual Cramps In fact, four of every 10 women suffer from bloated stomach throughout the menstrual rhythm. Menstrual Cramp Remedies

The main cause of this symptom happens every month during our menstrual cycle, when the lining of our uterus produces the chemical called Prostaglandins. Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps If the series 2 prostaglandins produced in excess, can lead to unreasonable muscle contractions of the uterus.
Remedies for Menstrual Cramps So when you start to feel bloated and suffer from painful menstrual cramps.

To eliminate bloating and menstrual problems menstrual problems, we must start by more care to the selection of our food and a change of diet. For example, if your day-by-day food intake includes fatty acids found in animal fats, this could increment the number of series two prostaglandins. Therefore we need to control our intake of sugar, salt, coffee and avoid medicines such as Acutrim that contain diuretics because they are known for weakening the body’s immune system and depriving it of essential minerals.

Start consuming foods that are rich in omega-6 acids, also known as Gamma-Linolenic acids or GLA for short. GLA is the active form of the omega-6 fatty acid and works like an anti-inflammatory that’s converted to prostaglandins in the body. Foods that are rich in GLA are salmon, tuna, grass-fed meat, soy, walnuts etc.


Start eating foods that are rich in omega-6 acids, also known as gamma-linolenic acid or GLA for little. GLA is the active form of omega-6 fatty acid and functions as an anti-instigative, which is converted to prostaglandins in the torso. Foods that are rich in GLA pinkish-orange, tuna, lined with grass, meat, soybeans, walnuts, etc.

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