If you or somebody you know is the victim of a motorbike accident causing traumatic brain injury, it’s essential to look for a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer and an expert in traumatic brain injuries who could aid reconstruct the incident as well as get compensation.  Even in states with no strict motorbike helmet legal guidelines, motorcyclists are still strongly advised that their odds of demise or serious head injury are significantly lowered by using a helmet. A motorcyclist’s failure to equip passengers, in particular passengers who are under 21, with helmets may be considered irresponsible. And if the motorcycle helmet is below state and federal standards, poorly fitted, outdated or has been through a previous accident, that motorbike helmet will not be safe, may not be legal as well as is not going to prevent loss of life, brain damage or another traumatic injury.


Even though suitable equipment significantly minimizes a motorcyclist’s chance of a TBI, it’s not foolproof. There are other factors that might result in a motorcycle accident which lead to a traumatic brain injury that riders must be mindful of. Before each ride, motorcyle drivers must check their equipment and motorbikes for troubles; adjust the motorcycle’s tire pressure and suspension when having another passenger; wear boots, gloves and other protective gear; as well as adjust for changing road conditions.


Statistics obtained by Headway, the Brain Injury Association, show that those most in danger are in the age group 15-29 as well as over 65 years. Individuals between 15 and 29 are three times more likely to suffer a brain injury compared to any other cluster. Males are two to three times more likely to suffer a brain injury than women. This figure increases to five times more likely in the age range 15-29 years. Some of those admitted, 85% have suffered a minor head trauma, 10% a moderate head trauma as well as 5% of serious head injury


The cost of a motorcycle collision that causes TBI can be severe. A TBI leads to brain damage that can vary from a minor concussion to serious, life-changing disabilities such as trouble communicating, attitude changes, schizophrenia, or even a coma. Family members are likewise affected by brain injuries as they place a serious emotion as well as monetary stress on them.  Brain injuries compensation are almost always very serious and life changing consequences. Rehabilitation might take a while. It makes sense that any claim for a brain trauma is not likely to be settled quickly. In reality, it is normal for such claims to take between three and five years. Every year, more than one million people suffer a head injury requiring a visit to an emergency department as well as nearly 135,000 of them will be admitted to hospital with severe head trauma.


If the physical effects aren’t bad enough, there are also the expenses associated with a serious motorcycle head trauma to take into consideration.  Treating injured motorcyle drivers in a hospital can be quite costly, and the injury may require continuous care or therapy that over time can add up to a staggering amount.  In case you’ve been severely injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, then you must consider speaking to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer about what compensation you’ll need in order to move on with your life.


Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney is important if you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles. You need to hire a trusted Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to get the best possible result.

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