Bath tubs for seniors -Senior Bath Chair

Bath tubs for seniors -
Senior Bath Chair

Senior Bath Chair combines strength, comfort and added security. With a lightweight aluminum frame and angled legs with suction style tips features drainage holes that help reduce slipping. The aluminum frame is not only light, it durable and corrosion proof. The seat and legs snap together easily, while suction-style tips secure the bench in place. Limited lifetime warranty.

Bath tubs for seniors

  • Easy Snap together assembly, Seat and Legs.
  • Blow molded bench provides comfort and strength.
  • Drainage holes in bench reduce slipping.
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and corrosion proof.
  • Angled legs with suction style tips provide additional stability.
  • Support collar reduces rattle.

Since almost all models of bathtub chair lifts need not screwing or drilling, powerful suction cups are included in the design to secure the chair to the tub's floor.

There was a time when bathtub benches are only used by old people and individuals with physical disability. Others find bath benches useful when they are shaving their legs or doing certain cleansing rituals that require them to sit for a long time while in the shower. For parents who have trouble with their kids while bathing, bath seats are also very useful since they allow kids to sit down and sit still while the parent is scrubbing their bodies.

Another option for stools are Senior Bath Chair. Senior Bath Chair have the added benefit of being lightweight and portable. Cleaning requires simply wiping them off occasionally. Senior Bath Chair are also available in rectangular stools and attractive circular stools allowing you an even greater range of choices. Narrow bathtubs can benefit the most from round shower stools as they will fit into smaller areas. Larger bathrooms can accommodate rectangular benches and will be complimented by them.

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