The outburst of Ebola disease in West Africa has been in the reports for months. At its current size it represents the biggest break out of the disease in known human history. This outburst has spread across several nations and cost many lives.

The Ebola illness in West Africa has a fatality rate of approximately 70%. This implies that seven out of 10 patients to contract the disease will die. It is accept that this number is actually higher and that many deaths are going unreported inside this area.

So far the onset has only influenced West Africa. Other states and areas have had cases imported in by aid worked but those cases have been treated and isolated. In this way the outburst is a difficulty that only has an effect on West Africa and those that work in that region.

The virus has been found in 6 different countries within West Africa. The countries affected by Ebola disease in West Africa are; Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali, and Liberia. There were flare-ups in both Nigeria and Senegal but both countries have been declared free of Ebola pathogen since October of this year.

The stop of the virus in these West African countries leaves hope for the eventual containment and cure of the disease. Sadly Mali has been the country with the latest reports of the Ebola virus showing that containment has not yet took place. While this is depressing the pathogen is progressing at a much slower rate than was initially predicted.

there were an overall total of approximately 18,000 cases reported in the opinion of the counts made by The World Health Organization. However this number is said to be too low and forecasts say from this month onward upwards of 10,000 causes could happen a month.

The rapid expansion of the Ebola virus in West Africa puts the whole area in danger. This virus makes it harder to maintain trade other other business relations for the already impoverished countries. Adding to this a huge death roll is making this breakout really hard on the entire area.

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